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Hot Flies for Spring Hatches on the Arkansas River | May 2022

In this installment of Hot Flies with UpRiver Fly Fishing, Head Guide, Andrew Maddox covers what to expect when fishing the Arkansas River in late April/early May.

The "mother's day caddis hatch" gets a lot of hype on this river, but that doesn't mean caddis are the only food source this time of year. Blue Winged Olive mayflies (BWOs) are prolific this time of year with blanket hatches starting most afternoons. Fish during these hatches gorge themselves on emergers, duns, and spent adults. Having different options to "match the hatch" whether it's BWOs or Caddis is key to success.

Weather this time of year can be fickle with fish keyed into changing patterns and feeding heavily in those pre-frontal and post-frontal windows.

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