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The South Platte River

Fishing Info
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The famous South Platte River starts in the plains of South Park near Fairplay, CO. Here, the Middle and South forks of this river flow for a short while before converging near the town of Hartsel. The S. Platte supplies much of the front range with water. Because of this, the river travels through 3 dams before exiting South Park, then continues to flow through numerous others as it flows east. These first 3 dams create Antero, Spinney, and Eleven-Mile Reservoirs. Read more about fishing these reservoirs here. Between these reservoirs, multiple tailwater stretches of this river offer great fishing with abundant resident fish. Between Spinney and Eleven-Mile Reservoir is the famous Dream Stream. The Dream as well as other stretches here are highly regarded amongst anglers given their potential to house lake-run fish that push up into the river. These fish are often of trophy size. Take note that these fisheries receive immense angling pressure, and be aware that many lake-run fish migrate up the river to spawn. Make sure to educate yourself on spawning fish activity so that these fish can successfully reproduce, keeping the fisheries abundant. 

Current Conditions
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