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South Park Stillwaters

Fishing Info

There are three reservoirs along the South Platte watershed all within the sprawling plains of South Park: Antero, Spinney, and Eleven-Mile. These reservoirs all hold abundant populations of many different fish. Brown, Rainbow, and Cut-bow trout can be found in all of these reservoirs. Tiger Muskie, Splake, Tiger Trout, and Snake-River Cutthroats have been introduced in Antero. Northern Pike have been introduced in Spinney. Northern Pike and Kokanee Salmon are present in Eleven-Mile. All of these fish tend to grow very large in these fisheries, and those who can crack the stillwater code have the shot at catching trophies.

Current Conditions

All of these reservoirs are ice-free and open for the 2022 season! Expect increased angling pressure, with fish cruising shallow but starting to move deeper as the waters warm.

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