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New & Improved!

Salida Fly guide service, and BV Fly shop will soon be rolling out a new website, logo and trade name:

"UpRiver Fly Fishing." Why you ask? Well a couple of big reasons. 1. We needed to feel more invested in our identity and location 2. To create clarity and separate ourselves from our competition.

Upon the creation of our fly fishing guide service in 2018 (Owned by myself Kayla, and my husband Andrew), we had planned to open a fly shop and operate out of downtown Salida, CO. As things fell into place that no longer became an option for us. Also we became aware that Colin Medved and Sarah Briam were in the process of opening The Next Eddy fly shop in downtown Salida that same summer. Rather than trying to compete, we fostered the discussion about working together so we could support one another as new businesses, which we have since 2018. That has worked incredibly well for us to meet clients and utilize a fly shop location in Salida for our guide service. And, as you can imagine, it has created some confusion as the fly shop and guide service are separate entities. However, we do plan to continue this beneficial partnership because Colin & Sara are awesome, we base many trips out of Salida and we love their shop!

In terms of separating ourselves from the competition: Salida Angler, a fly shop and guide service, opened up on Highway 50 approximately one year after we began guiding trips. There was confusion with clients calling one company and then booking with the other, or even locals thinking the shop on Hwy 50 belonged to Andrew and me. We value competition and believe there is room for all to make a living here in the valley, yet we want to ensure our current clients and angling prospects have clarity when it comes to who we are and what separates us from the competition.

In early 2019, we came upon the opportunity launch a fly shop inside of CKS Main Street in Buena Vista with Brad and Megan Kingman, owners of CKS. It has been hugely successful, a great addition to downtown Buena Vista and creates a complete package for our fly fishing company! With the fly shop BV Fly, located in Buena Vista and our guide service named Salida Fly, you can see the identity crisis. So, now our guide service and fly shop will operate as one entity, "UpRiver Fly Fishing." Ahhh, now that's better.

Andrew and I live in Nathrop, and have friends and close ties in both Salida and Buena Vista. We realized operating under the name of one town limits us as we guide trips on an 80 mile long river corridor that threads many communities together. We plan to operate on other rivers in the future so we chose to go with a name that alluded to fishing a river at its pure source in the Rocky Mountains; UpRiver. We are excited about this new identity and the re-launch of our fly shop at 327 E. Main Street in Buena Vista. We love our location inside CKS main street because, as many locals and river folks know, CKS contains all things river!

We hope you are all staying happy and healthy amidst our current health situation. Once we can officially open the doors, come visit UpRiver Fly Fishing, our full service fly shop! Rent some fly fishing gear, buy your fishing license, book a trip, or just browse. We hope to see you Summer 2020!


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