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Antares Autotune Tpb (Final 2022)




torrent file wont work either. Is there a way to do this? I have to have the entire original album remastered and repackaged, and I dont have any digital copies of the CD I made a good album on it a few years ago, and sold it to some friends, they told me it sounded "good" and they liked it, but that they never listened to it again. I dont know what happened. So basically I want to get a 3D version of the album to send to them. And that's what I'm trying to do as well, but you have to have the original source files from the record company in order to recreate the album. The problem is, they only give you CDR, not FLAC, which is what is used for 3D. You may be out of luck as far as getting this re-mastered. There are a lot of labels that will just give you their customers CDs. The problem is that even if you get the mastered FLAC file from the label, if you re-mastered it and created it yourself, it will not play on any music player that supports FLAC or any decoder for the 3D/4D files. I was curious if you know of an online service or site that could convert the CD's. You can then just send the FLAC files off and it will be converted and sent back to you in a quick and easy process. Quote: Originally Posted by sammyw You will not be able to get the remastered and re-packaged version. You can however send the original CD to a professional recording studio, and they will re-master it and repackage it. They will do this for you for a fee. If you have friends that are recording engineers, they may be able to do this for you. They will not even have to redo the whole album, just do the song you are wanting to convert. Anyways, I have no idea of any online services that can do this, but if you look around there are some companies that can do this. Originally Posted by niels04 Are you telling me that no one has ever done it? It can't be that hard to do!



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Antares Autotune Tpb (Final 2022)

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