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Bewakoofiyaan 2 Movie In Hindi 720p (Updated 2022)




It is very common in Bollywood cinema to hear rumours about some new action movie or star. Bollywood stars are world-renowned for their self-promoting tricks. So, we can't know for sure what Bollywood filmmakers are planning. But, one actor who is talked about by many Bollywood filmmakers is Vijay. Vijay is a 50-year-old actor in Bollywood. He has starred in many movies and has an extensive fan following in the country. Vijay is at the height of his career at the moment. His upcoming movies are sure to hit the screens. Vijay will share the screen with his wife Preity Zinta and this movie is jointly produced by Ritesh Sidhu, Abhishek Kapoor and Atul Agnihotri. But, the list of Bollywood stars is incomplete without the name of Ekta Kapoor who is the producer of many Bollywood films. One of Ekta Kapoor's most successful ventures is the Ekta Kapoor Productions. The company is producing the movie, Bewakoofiyaan. This movie was first published by the studio in 2006 but was released in the theatres in 2013. It is a movie which is based on real life incidents. The story of Bewakoofiyaan unfolds in the backdrop of Mumbai. The story begins in the year 2013 when the recession strikes the country and the effect of the recession is all over Mumbai. People are living on loans and credit card debts. Their finances are in a mess. The recession effect has also ruined marriages. The film revolves around the most important thing in any relationship – love. Would love and honesty pay off in the long run? The protagonists, Anjali (Preity Zinta) and Rajat (Vijay) are complete opposites but they share a common problem of living with their partner. How can two people live together with a difference of opinion and ideologies? The producer of the movie, Ekta Kapoor, thinks that a common problem of all married couples is that they live separately from each other. He has termed the Bewakoofiyaan as a slice-of-life comedy and it was published as a movie in the year 2006. It went off the screens in 2013. Preity Zinta and Vijay are being quoted by many Bollywood magazines and fans. There is a growing buzz in the media about the




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Bewakoofiyaan 2 Movie In Hindi 720p (Updated 2022)

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